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Hailing From: West London

Latest Synch:  “Raise Your Hand” features in “Sparkle” trailer – currently showing

Biog: The Lights are the brainchild of Matthew Lester, as he calls upon his closest allies to deliver atmospheric, brooding soundscapes from a bedroom in West London. Vocal duties are shared by the smouldering beauty of Imogen Andrews and the gritty nonchalance of Ryan Caine. Lester thrives on delivering his often bleak city observations, matching them with an expansive layer of beats and chiming synths - Thus creating the textured depth and fluidity of The Lights.

For Fans of: Zero 7, Massive Attack

Play It when: life doesn’t work out how you planned….

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The Most Terrifying Thing

Hailing From: Liverpool

Latest Synch:  Licensed to Bunim Murray Productions

Biog: The Most Terrifying Thing are an agitated, emotional beast of a unit, totally stumping their Liverpool roots. With an expansive rock sound more akin to the Emerald City than Mersea paradise, The Most Terrifying Thing pack a devastatingly angular and zestful punch.

For Fans of: The Nine Black Alps

Play It when: in the car needing to rock out on your todd

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Hailing From: Scotland

Latest Synch:  “Save It For Your Friends” in America’s Funniest Home Videos March 07

Biog: The Common Redstarts are an exciting, upfront young Edinburgh four-piece with eyes for the wider prize.
With vitally infectious melodies complimenting their gutsy, wholesome tunes, The Common Redstarts are well equipped to start demanding your ears. And believe us, they will. Stay tuned in.

For Fans of: Kings of Leon, The Strokes, Oasis

Play It when: your getting wasted with your mates

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Hailing From: Weymouth

Latest Synch: Bunim Murray – The Real World Series

Biog: Microburst is the brainchild of Chris Sallows, who combines aspects of trip hop, electronica, found sounds and experimental noise and effects.  Although the music is electronic ~ he manages to incorporate a 'live feel' to each song whether it be through the way that the drums are programmed or a string arrangement or guitar sound.  Chris says 'I feel that the sounds and instruments can speak more than words, as Heinrich Heine said "When words leave off, music begins".

For Fans of: DJ Shadow, The Bays & Portishead

Play it: Walking through the city streets at night


Hailing From: London

Biog: Marc Ozall seems to make a habit of taking the scenic route. Before even picking up guitar with the intention of writing a song he spent 2 years travelling and working in the US and Europe, before returning to London and deciding that music was the path to follow. Drawing on his experiences whilst away, Marc began writing painfully honest accounts of his hopes, fears, loves and losses and setting them to simple but often haunting acoustic melodies, which touched a nerve with a growing and loyal following that took notice of this tall nervous guy who only played his first gig in 06. Since then Marc has played over 100 gigs in London and his persistence has led to offers of gigs worldwide, as well as the opportunity to record an album with legendary ex Primal Scream drummer Dave Morgan. A virtuoso? Certainly not. An artist who's songs can silence the noisiest of venues with their subtle beauty? Well, so the story goes…

For Fans of: Damien Rice, Turin Brakes and Denison Witmer

Play it: When a lonely night makes your mind wander ...


Hailing From: Los Angeles, California

Latest Synch: - MTV’s “Maui Fever”

Biog: "Mere Mortals sound as if they're angling for a spot in the Britpop pantheon, nurturing a jangly, neo-psychedelic sound that brings to mind early Primal Scream, Supergrass even Oasis as fronted by a man who smiles at the world rather than sneers. The merry band of do-it yourselfers self-released the all-wheat, no-chaff "Rebel Radio" EP late last year, and several of the disc's seven songs cracked the specialty charts (which track the amount of airplay on "specialty" shows where the DJs program their own music)." - LA Times

For Fans of: Primal Scream, The Dandy Warhols & BRMC

Play it: When in need of a shot of Rock 'n' Roll

The Toy Guns

Hailing From: Bethnal Green/London

Latest Synch:  Everybody Knows But You – in “Degrassi”

Biog: 'The Toy Guns' are a four piece band based in London's Bethnal Green reminiscent of The Police being repeatedly kicked by various members of The Clash and The Specials!  The Toy Guns have been building on their ever increasing fan base with rigorous gigging schedule's that have seen them support top acts such as Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and Milburn!  The band's debut single "Shoot The Boy", was playlisted on Virgin Radio's Xtreme radio station!  Other radio support comes from Lamacq at BBC 6 Music and Xfm!

For Fans of: The Kinks, The Clash, The Specials

Play It: To wake up the neighbors


Hailing From: London

Latest Synch: Licensed to MTV Networks

Biog: The collective that is Jane Air create a truly awesome sound, reminiscent of Ziggy-era Bowie jamming with Muse on a Pixies song.  They could also be likened to a stripped down primitive Radiohead! Last year they supported Desmond Decker, The Complete Stone Roses, they reached the final of XFM's unsigned band competition and more recently played with The Pogues, Paul Weller & Status Quo at Guilfest!  The band are in the process of recording songs for their forthcoming E.P. entitled US:THEM and also brand new songs that will make up a debut album!

For Fans of: Radiohead, Jeff Buckley & Bowie

Play it: On the long drive to the coast



Hailing From: Wakefield

Latest Synch: ‘DIRT’ - featuring Courtney Cox

Biog: 'Artless Children' with their uplifting/electronic sound on the other hand are more reminiscent of bands such as Athlete & Blur!  As well as being able to craft intelligent pop songs, Artless Children also boast an instrumental catalogue that has the power to refresh your mind and soul as you soar to new heights over an instrumental landscape of piano-influenced ambient, thought-provoking electronica/indie.

For Fans of: Air, The Flaming Lips & Gorrilaz

Play it: When the rain is hitting the streets too hard to leave the house

Soundtracks for a B Movie

Hailing From: South Shields

Latest Sync: Bunim Murray Productions

Biog: Where man and machine coincide, where Electronica meets post-rock, where nature and technology are wrapped around each other in a cocoon of hidden secrets and muted emotions. Born from the notion that live guitars and percussion can be coupled with a mix of electronic textures for a truly undeniable effect of the listener taking you on a day dream you may never want to awaken from….
Yes Soundtracks for a B Movie is the sound of one man taking twilight back for the dreamers.

For Fans of: Sigur Ros, Mogwai, Mum, Explosions in the Sky.

Play it: when you long to escape from your skin.

The Exits

Hailing From: Portsmouth

Biog: Their upbeat mix of synth driven dance/rock with uplifting undertones has led “The Exits” to cause quite a movement on the south coast and London circuits. With performances at the HI FI South Festival, the 2006 Primal Scream end of tour after show party, and sold out shows at The Brixton Jamm, Wedgewood Rooms and Portsmouth Guildhall. Their rabble rousing electro sound sets them apart from the crowd and has allowed them to sit comfortably in both the live music and clubbing scene, and seen them support DJ sets from indie legends Bez (Happy Mondays, Black Grape), and Mani (The Stone Roses, Primal Scream). There is no question that these guys from the south coast are a future force to be reckoned with.

For Fans of: Primal Scream, Kasabian.

Play it: doing 110mph down the motorway!!!