The Most Terrifying Thing
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'The Most Terrifying Thing' Biography

With a love of Slayer and AC/DC from the tender age of 10, Chris Price could have been considered to have taste beyond his years, but when you couple that with a fondness for James Brown and Tamla Motown, Buddy Holly and Elvis – Finding his niche wasn’t coming easily, but broadness of sound never hurt anyone.

A cliché it may be, but when MTV spat out its umpteenth airing of Smells Like Teen Spirit, Pricey stood up and listened. A band must be formed, and thus a band developed. With a shared passion for the pioneering grunge of Mudhoney, Nirvana and Fudgetunnel, the group focussed their attention to emulating their heroes and channelling their own revered sounds.

In Chris’ own words: “Creativity should be about changing the world - if music or art stops getting people to question the world around them, then it is dead.”
With sporadic shows across their city, our troubadours needed new inspiration and fresh faces. These eventual new faces combined to bring the schizophrenic influences of Gang of Four and The Wedding Present to the already distorted melee.

Having toyed with band monikers in the past, a collective brainstorming declared that ‘Audioslave’ was an agreeable association, and it was cemented as the bands identity. Meanwhile, across the pond, Chris Cornell was holed up in his executive suite, tapping his thoughts for a suitable handle. Despite Audioslave having already been taken by our Liverpudlian chums, Cornell nodded to his largest aides, and Audioslave (via monetary persuasion) became his own.

Chris and the band sat back down richer men, but nameless. The Most Terrifying Thing were borne, and here we find them.

With the release of Victoriana, the band’s debut LP, 2005 has been very kind to them. With support from national and regional radio, and countless treks across the toilet venues of Britain, The Most Terrifying Thing are an exciting proposition of alternative rock and emotional angularity.
They may never succeed in ‘changing the world’ but they can certainly change yours.

The Most Terrfiying Thing are: Chris Price, David Masson, Glenn Noble and Paul Champion.