The Most Terrifying Thing
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Some views from the critics…

The Pianist single – October 2005

“Soars and turns like a Dave Grohl offering whilst in a more introspective rock mode.

“Creepings grow and flourish into a segmented array of style and pitch, slightly echoed vocals abound with assurance and backings offer up a fresher moment which all seem to point toward a level of promise that could prove vital.” – This Is Fake DIY

“Driving choruses, sonorous vocals, guitar feedback segues... Pretty impressive” –

“This track is a fast and flowing pop rocker with a hint of early Feeder. An atmospheric verse is tickled at the trailing edge by a build up that is hooky enough to fool you into thinking you’ve reached the chorus (until the chorus steps up to prove who’s boss!)

“The Pianist continues TMTT’s 100% record of great releases and certainly leaves this listener wanting more!” – The-Mag